July 1, 2014

Starting Again

So now that my June Challenge is done and I still have about two months of summer left, I'm a little lost in terms of what do do with the blog. I'm looking back at popular posts, literally Google-ing "fashion blog post ideas". I am just out of touch. I started out loving this blog and I missed it when I didn't blog and I would feel disappointed when I didn't keep up with it. But when I try to blog every day or set a schedule for when to blog, it feels forced. This feels like it needs to be something organic that comes from me. Isn't that how any blogger should feel? And besides, I'm going to be super busy in the fall, especially if I get cast in A Chorus Line. Even if I don't, getting cast in any show along with taking 15+ hours is a lot for anyone. I'm still figuring out how my hours are going to work out.
What does this all mean in terms of the blog? Well, it means I'm going to post when I feel inspired and when I have the time. I don't want to give you all rushed or mediocre content just because I've told myself I have to post on a certain day. I would love to post at a regular schedule, but right now I'm rusty and I'm figuring all this out. If you guys have something you would like to see from me, let me know! I am always open to suggestions.
My most popular posts have been:
1. Divergent Inspiration: Candor
2. Senior Week: Toga Day
3. The Last Concert (I'm singing in my last performance of my high school career)
4. Senior Week: Nail Post
5. Fantastical Finds (my first haul)
If you like any of these and want more comment below! I am definitely open to book inspiration. I intended to complete the Divergent set but I definitely have a great deal more of black and white than anything else...

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