July 20, 2014

Comment of the Week #2

True to my word, I will be making this a weekly thing. First, I wanted to Share Olivia's reaction from last week because she is so sweet and cute.

"Oh Mariah! I am honestly tearing up by this post! Thank you so much for the acknowledgment and your sweet sweet words. I literally just ran up to my mom in the other room to tell her that you featured me on your blog, I was so happy. (Still am!) I think it is great to get reader engagement and the best way to do it is through commenting. It makes your connections with other bloggers more meaningful when you read their posts and then write something thoughtful. But thank you again... this means so much to me"

I'm glad I could make your day Olivia. I appreciate all of your well thought out comments. This week's shout out goes to Brittney of Another Beautiful Thing

"I think your hair is gorgeous at this length. I struggle with what I choose to display on my blog as well; sometimes I find myself asking "why can't I play it safe like these other big-name bloggers to get more fans probably?" But at the end of the day, I love wearing really bright, really unconventional color combos, and it would feel so empty to dress one way because it seems more *marketable*. You do you!"

Thank you so much! This really meant a lot to me after the long, thought out post I did. I think more people respond to a uniqueness in style that I think both of us have. I love her blog because she shares personal stories with every post, and she has a bright, unique style that shows through in her outfit posts. She's so personable and responds to every comment I've made both here and on her personal blog. I would highly recommend checking her out!


  1. Mariah, you have no idea how much this post warms my heart, especially after my post today. You are truly one-of-a-kind---and one of the nicest bloggers I follow. Keep doing you ;)

  2. Brittney is awesome. I've been following her for a while, and one of my favorite things about her is her humor. Seriously, she is such a sweet, funny gal.


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