July 15, 2014

Quick Celebration

So I said in my last post I'd been gaining some of my following back and OHMIGOD YOU GUYS! I have not had more than 50 views in a day in months. At least not since I went to college. And today you guys gave me 65! 65 freaking page views in one day! For someone who doesn't have that many total followers, this is HUGE! Thank you thank you thank you! I cannot say thank you enough. This is a good start to really getting my blog off the ground. I feel really good about this you guys :)


  1. Aww congratulations, dear! You deserve it and I pray for your continuing success in your blogging life! ;) Cheers to that! :)

    New post on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG

  2. Congrats! :D And, thank you for linking that vid, haha. I needed the laugh. Legally Blonde is the bomb (:


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