July 27, 2014

Comment of the Week #3

I'm so sorry for the late post! I've been working on this very time consuming DIY bath mat. Good lord I have been braiding fabric from old t-shirts for about 8 hours today. In case y'all are wondering, here's the link to the DIY.
On to the reason for this post. Y'all need to step up your game because Olivia is writing me essays in the comments. I really appreciate it Olivia. And for that I am linking to your blog. But, for a little while, I want to feature different people who come to my blog. And since you were featured the first week, I have to give a shout out to another commenter too!

Thank you Amber for the comment you left on my DIY Lipstick post. Though you didn't leave me a link to a blog to feature it, I really appreciate the comment.

"This is such a neat idea! I don't wear lipstick hardly ever, but if I did this is definitely a great way to get it! This way is so cheap, and no animals are harmed in the process. Two thumbs up from me :)"

Don't forget that I feature a commenter and their blog (if they have one) every Sunday. I do look at everyone's blog who leaves me a link and I read every single comment you leave me. I've found many other blogs I love this way!


  1. aww sweet post, cant wait to see the DIY you've been working on <3

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  2. Ah! I'm so sorry that I didn't leave my blog link! Usually I just log in with Disqus and I figured people could get to my blog from there. My blog is: thelacunastitch.blogspot.com
    Thank you so much for the feature! You are such a sweetheart (:

  3. Heheh thank you Mariah! Honestly, you are quite the sweetest! But you always leave such thoughtful ideas on mine that I can't help but want to return the favor:)


I read and appreciate all comments! If you leave your link, I will visit your blog :)