July 29, 2014

Sparkles and a Survey

So the past couple of days have been kind of crazy. I've been catching up on blogs from the weekend and working on that DIY I was telling you guys about. I'll post the finished product...whenever that will be. On to tell you why I've been absent from life online the past couple days. My dad tried to install an update on my laptop, and long story short, it didn't update correctly. It will turn on but won't bring up the log in screen. It'll be fixed before school starts, but it may be a couple weeks. Thankfully I can use one of the home computers to keep y'all updated.
Below I have a short survey about my blog. I'm looking to make some improvements and get some feedback so I know what I need to prioritize when the school year starts. Don't worry if you're new. Only the multiple answer questions are required and there's less than 10 total questions!
Today I wanted to push my sartorial choices. Hopefully you agree that I succeeded in pushing my boundaries! I apologize in advance for photo quality. There isn't photo editing software on this computer.

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  1. Your outfit is super cute! Love your cardigan and shoes! I sure hope you get your computer all fixed! Can't wait to see your DIY project!


  2. I cannot wait to see the DIY you're working so hard on! Computer problems are the worst, but I am glad you are still able to blog (:

  3. Really cute outfit! Casual yet so chic ;) I love your jacket and bag especially! :)

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  4. Karin Howell7/31/14, 1:42 PM

    Love the sequins!!! Super cute
    Come visit my blog!

  5. Hi sweety,
    I love the blue sequins it looks so fab!!!
    I also have internet problem for a week now, so I know what you mean.
    Keep up the good work lovely.

    Keep in touch!


  6. Anna Martin8/5/14, 1:37 PM

    That cardigan is everything! So awesome! :D <3 Oh and don't worry about the video! It'll be around for quite awhile, so there's no rush to see it!

    Take it easy!

    - Anna



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