July 21, 2014

DIY: Make Your Own Lipstick!

So I basically didn't do anything last Thursday afternoon except this because my sister found a recipe for making your own lipstick and was asking me to help her with it. So we spent about 2 hours making (between the two of us) about 10 different lip shades. Maybe a couple more. But it is the simplest thing. You know what's going into it. And you can create a custom shade for yourself!

Look at all my custom colors just for me! Left to right is Violet, Black, a red and blue mix (it made a 1.5 batch), Cerulean, a purple/pink/blue maybe? mix, and green with a little black.

Right now I will apologize for the crappy photos because inside kitchen lighting sucks. I didn't realize that about half of my pictures were blown out by the flash going off. We were too busy having fun making lippies!

 You need crayons in whatever colors you want to make, a container (we used medicine sorters, but you can use old lipstick tubes or buy little containers), coconut oil, and vegetable or olive oil. This will be mixed in a double boiler. If you do not have a double boiler, you can mix it in a glass dish in a few inches of boiling water. Yes, this is another miraculous use for coconut oil :)

 Add 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil and a 1/4 teaspoon of vegetable/olive oil.

 Peel the paper off of the crayon. You will be using the whole thing. Wetting the paper makes it easier to remove. (We did the dishes when we were done, I promise!)

 Melt the crayon, coconut oil, and vegetable.olive oil together. For faster melting, break the crayon in pieces.

Once it looks like this you're ready to pour. We used a toothpick to help stir, but it mixes pretty evenly on it's own. You can also move the double boiler around to help mix it.

 Pour into your container and let it sit. If you're making multiple batches, let the mix cool a bit before you try to move it. It spills everywhere. Between colors, wipe out the double boiler with a wet paper towel or wet wipe. DO NOT POUR EXCESS IN THE SINK! It will clog your sink. Wipe it up and throw it away. When you're completely done, let them all set in the fridge for 15-30 minutes. You can also do this between making colors.

 As you can see from the swatches, these colors go on very very sheer, but they are buildable if you give them a little time between applications. The darker aren't as sheer as the brighter ones. I also suggest exfoliating your lips first because any unevenness will show clearly, especially with the darker colors.

The green at the bottom is much more green in real life, but it turned out the most sheer of all the colors.

The nice thing about this is you can customize colors! You don't have to stick to whatever one color is. You also aren't limited by what's on the shelf. You can make gray lipstick! If you do decide to mix colors, be warned that it doesn't take much to make a dramatic change in color. Half red and half blue will give you purple. Whole red and 1/3 blue will give you purple. 2 red and 1/3 blue gives the deep red in the first swatch set. I was going for a red with blue undertones. Just sayin.

Would you ever wear a crazy color like green or blue or yellow? Let me know below! If you try this and post about it, leave me a link below so I can see!


  1. Hello Mariah! How fun! I would have never guessed that you would make lipstick out of crayons:p This kind of reminds me of that one book series I read as a middle school girl: The Clique? Anyway, if you haven't heard of it, it's about these preppy rich girls who are very privileged and actually quite snotty. In one of the books, the girls make a lipstick and try to sell it on a field trip. In the end, all of the girls end up breaking out in allergic reactions because for some reason, all of them are allergic to peanut oil and that's what was used in the lipstick. Now, I'm not saying yours will do the same thing but I'm not sure why, but I just remember that part from the book! Heheh good memeories:P Thank you also for including my follow-up comment on your latest comment of the week! I actually still haven't quite gotten over the last one yet!:)
    Stay Sweet,

  2. margaretha liong7/22/14, 3:33 AM

    such a great post !
    Really love it <3


  3. This is such a neat idea! I don't wear lipstick hardly ever, but if I did this is definitely a great way to get it! This way is so cheap, and no animals are harmed in the process. Two thumbs up from me (: Also, how do these lipsticks feel once they go on? Do they feel really waxy, or do they go on smooth like the colors you'd purchase from a store?

  4. It depends really. If you only use one (or slightly more if you're mixing colors) crayon, it's really buttery like a just opened Maybelline color whisper. If you use M=more than that or the oils don't mix quite right it can be a little waxy. But I got mostly buttery results :)

  5. Eleanor Weyman7/22/14, 3:18 PM

    This is so clever! Really good if you're want a specific colour and can't find that shade - you can just make it yourself!


  6. I've been wanting to do this since I saw it on Pinterest awhile ago! So glad you did, because you've definitely inspired me to do it! By the way, found your blog via The Lacuna Stitch and so glad I did :)
    Angela at The Passionista


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