July 31, 2014

That DIY T-Shirt Rug

I just wanted to update y'all today. Try to keep with my normal 3 posts a week. You guys are apparently really excited about this t-shirt rug I worked on. I'm gonna tell you before you start this, this is a very labor intense project. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I spent most of Sunday and Monday afternoon just cutting and braiding fabric. Then I spent about 2-3 hours yesterday just sewing it. If you work on it an hour or 2 a day, it would take about a week or two. So just know that up front. I linked to the tutorial I used in Sunday's post. If you follow me on Instagram, you at least know what the rug looks like, but you probably have no clue how big it is. I used 12 shirts (I think) and it is monstrous. It's just over 2.5 feet wide when you lay it out completely flat.
Also, I would really appreciate you filling out the survey at the bottoms guys. If you just answer the multiple choice questions, it takes less than 2 minutes. I'm really trying to get some feedback about what I can do to make my blog better.
Oh! I almost forgot. I'll get my computer back a week from tomorrow. Such good news! Well, as long as they can fix whatever is wrong with it.

 As you can see, monstrous.

Kept the OOTD simple for a day in :)

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  1. That rug looks gorgeous! It definitely looks like it was worth all the work (: I cannot wait to see that DIY post! And hooray for getting your computer back! I definitely know how it feels to try and blog while having a broken computer. It's really tricky and usually ends up ruining blog schedules.

  2. PopChampagne8/1/14, 8:55 AM

    wow the rug turned out amazing! def looks like it's worth the labour intensive work!


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