May 29, 2013

The Last Concert

For the past three years, I've been a member of the Atlanta Young Singers of Callenwolde. I cannot describe the amazing things I have experienced with this choir. I have made so many great friends, and I have become a much better musician through them. We had our final Youth Chorale (the high school part of the choir) recital last night. I figured since I was absent for Memorial Day (My family spent most of the day picking strawberries and making jam.), I'd share my solo that I did for the recital.

I'm wearing my informal top and formal skirt. My shoes are from JCPenny's. I hope after this you see why I'm going to school for musical theatre. I have more videos from the recital if you would like to see those.


  1. Your vibrato is excellent--I love the emotion you impart into the words and the lilt at the end of your phrases. I'm glad to see you're following your talents!


  2. great!!


  3. You are really good! It's always good to follow your dreams.


  4. so good! =D good for you!

  5. Hi, sweetie!! You live in Atlanta?? You're lucky, it's a beautiful city. I was actually sad we couldn't stay longer. And no, we didn't go to Little 5 Points!! I googled it, it's gorgeous, we did miss out. Damn.


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