May 8, 2013

Playing with Volume

That awkward moment when the missing camera is in your mom's car under some of her stuff. Oh boy. I'm just not going to go there. Today I decided to do a flowy blouse on top of a fuller skirt with some wedges. I wanted to try playing with volume. I have been so comfortable today! It's been amazing. My Music Theory teacher is awesome and decided we'd just go hang out outside for the last 30 minutes of class since it was so nice and we'd done everything we needed to do. We had block scheduling, so we'd already been there for an hour and a half.


 I love this lip color. It's the Revlon stain/balm. It keeps your lips soft while giving a pretty and strong color. I did my hair in a twisted side braid. It's a little special, but still casual.
Blouse: Khol's, Dress: JCPenny, Shoes: JCPenny, Watch: Gift, Earrings: Gift, Ring (on right hand): JCPenny


  1. Yellow and blue is a pretty spring combination. I could never do side braids, but yours looks really pretty!


  2. love the flowy top! looks really soft and comfy too! :)

    Metallic Paws

  3. Hi - I was going to write to ask you a question about your blog you have an email address OR can you message me at


  4. love your wedges, pretty! xx

  5. Again - I LOVE your hair! And I also love when teachers are like that. Or I should say loved since I've been out of school for a while now.:) If only more things could be learned outdoors in the sun while enjoying some fresh air, right??

  6. Love the fluffy retro hair!

    amen fashion

  7. Great job at pairing all these lovely details together :)
    I must say i adore you colored shoes above all!


  8. You look so lovely! You managed to pull off all of that volume, and it's actually quite flattering. The neckline on that blouse is seriously gorgeous. Following you now!

    May the force be with you.

  9. Lovin those shoes lady!!


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