March 30, 2013

Fantastical Finds!

If you like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, (If you don't, links at the bottom.) I updated you guys last weekend about my little shopping trip. Well I finally had the opportunity to get pictures today. I normally don't take pictures on Saturdays, so the fact that I'm even in my contacts is an accomplishment. I did put on a little mascara, but I think my crazy bangs hide it. Anyways, I went to a HUGE consignment sale. Everything was $1! It's complete madness though. Stuff gets thrown everywhere! And you can't really try stuff on, so you kindda have to just risk it. The store has it semi-annually to clear out for the new season. Later, my mom and I went to Burlington Coat Factory and found a fabulous dress for $13! That night, I came home to my "Stylish Surprise" from ModCloth. It was just a great day for fabulous clothes :)

I realize it's towards the end of winter, but this sweater was really light weight when I picked
 it up. It's a good transition piece. And I love the color too!
Sweater: Xhilaration


 This dress caught my eye with the velvet. I love that it's not totally smooth. And the length is really modern. I find myself dressing a little more conservatively lately, with no rhyme or reason to it. It was a little big in the waist, but that was easily remedied with a belt.
Velvet Dress: Style&Co

I think it's pretty apparent why this dress caught my eye. SPARKLES! When I took a closer look, I found pockets! Pockets! I love when dresses have pockets. I always want to tuck my hands into the nonexistent pocket of a dress.
Silver Dress: Morgan&Co

I got this berry jacket with a little bit of a risk. It's a size to large, but when I tried it on, I liked it that way. It gave some volume to my top half. I also like how the sleeves were a little big. I just find it wildly cool.
Berry Jacket: Nick&Mo

And this is my amazing Burlington find. It fits like a glove! It's really a cap sleeve dress, but I want to sew the sleeves under because I prefer it as a tank dress. I don't really have a reason to wear it any time soon, but my mom says I'll probably need something like it some day, and I'd pay more than twice as much for it. It's a good piece, so I went ahead and got it. I don't regret it.
Navy sequin dress: Snap

The ModCloth Stylish Surprise! I saw this and went completely bananas! It is so my style. The rosettes are super cute and the collar is just wild! I actually wore it on a date recently, and my boyfriend was really confused by the collar. It was kindda funny. I wish I could have captured his face.
Coat: ModCloth

My final consignment find. I feel so Audrey Hepburn in this dress. The cut is very her. And POCKETS! AGAIN! And I think this dress has converted me to a plaid lover. I used to hate plaid with a passion. I straight up thought it looked stupid. I'm slowly realizing that the cut makes the dress. I can guarantee that this dress will be seeing a lot of wear :)
Plaid dress: My Michelle


  1. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

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  2. Lovely outfits! I love your sequins dresses, they are so cute!



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