March 27, 2013

Will It Ever Be Warm?

Oh my goodness. When will it be above freezing when I leave the house? I don't know, but I hope soon. I'm gettin' real tired of this, Georgia. Ah well. I was wearing my winter coat this morning, but it was warm enough when I took pictures that I could go without. Let me just say that bow ties (besides my hair pieces) have become kind of my signature thing. I don't wear them all the time, but I wear them often enough that people know me for it :)


Bow Tie: JCPenny, Chambray Shirt: JCPenny, Peplum Top: JCPenny, Jeans: Mod Cloth,
Shoes: Just Fab, All Jewelry: JCPenny



  1. Love the layering in this outfit. You look beautiful.


  2. I love bow ties too! My boyfriend never wears his, maybe I should steal it!


  3. I agree, it needs to get warm and it doesn't seem like it will. Lovely outfit, I love your outfit!


  4. Love your pants. If you get a sec, check out my latest post. Happy Easter!



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