March 13, 2013

Thinking about Prom...

So I've been thinking some about prom lately. I already have my dress, so I don't need this, but I thought y'all might. The past couple years for Homecoming, I've rented my dress from this amazing site! I've loved the customer service and it's a great concept. I cannot justify spending more than $50 on one piece of clothing, and if I do, I better be wearing it ALL THE TIME. Which is why I hate formal occasions because that means big $$$ spent on dresses. Psssst! Every summer they have an annual sale on the dresses they won't offer anymore and aren't in bad shape. A dress that was originally $1500 could be snapped up for $250! (I know that's still a chunk of cash, but it might be worth it eventually.)

So this was Homecoming numero uno. I went with a friend but this is a good solo picture. The dresses are consistently a little darker than pictured.

 This is my second year where I went with my boyfriend. (We're still dating btw.) The dress was somewhat darker than you see here, and there was a subtle leopard print that you can sort of see. It was also taking pictures look a little blue the way that it was reflecting light.


  1. Looking very lovely in these dresses. I love any reason to get dolled up. I remember my proms. Can't believe it was so long ago lol

  2. I love that sequin dress! You two are so cute:)



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