March 22, 2013

Stripes on Dots on Stripes

I've been so excited about this black and white trend, and I've wanted to do this for a while. I have this matching striped dress and blazer I've always been curious about wearing together. The thing is, I felt like it needed something to break it up, so I layered a polka dot shirt over the dress. I got compliments all day! I felt super cute, and that made me feel so great after this ridiculously long week! It's still kindda cold here in Georgia. I really thought spring had sprung. Oh well. And another reminder: rehearsals for my school musical are going to pick up so if I post a lot of short posts or Polyvore collages, it's because I really had no time to do anything else. Sorry guys! I didn't edit these photos very much. I really liked the lighting despite the cloudy day, so I kept the editing pretty simple.

Flower: JCPenny, Coat:, Jacket: JCPenny, Sweater: JCPenny, Dress: JCPenny, Belt: Charming Charlie's Tights: JCPenny, Shoes: JCPenny, All Jewelry: JCPenny

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  1. Super cute look head to toe! That hue of blue looks great on you.


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