June 24, 2014

June Challenge Monochrome

Update, so I went to the library today. I got Behind the Beautiful Forevers as it is the nerdfighter book club book. Admittedly I am waaaaaay behind on that. I also got linger since I'd read shiver and really liked it. I had just never gotten around to reading the rest of the trilogy. Also got a couple of AP books to study for the CLEP test I'm taking right after I move back in. Fun stuff going on over here.
Today I was really crushing on purple and it was just everywhere. As you can see...

I know I haven't worn these pants in an awfully long time. I found them hiding in the bottom of a hamper I'd forgotten to completely empty after winter break apparently. I paired it with my new thrift find from earlier in the series. Purple is a great eye shadow color for day or night depending on what shade you use. It's also great for people with green eyes to make them pop.

So is there anything you want to see from me before June is up? Time is running out for me to either order it or quickly run by the drugstore to pick it up!

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