June 8, 2014

June Challenge Day 8

Today was a pretty easy day. I've done a good bit of shopping lately so I will definitely be doing a haul post at the end of the month. Just a heads up. I'm also starting dance next week as I said yesterday, so I'll be trying to get posts up earlier. Today's beauty dare involves my hair:

Before and After:

 Purple hair! I have been wanting to go purple for ages and now that I'm not in a show for a while, I can! I would prefer to go a lighter purple, but I don't care for bleach. This is how the Vidal Sassoon in Deep Velvet Violet turned out. Black in normal, inside light and a deep purple in the sun.

 Before from above

After from above


  1. April Serio6/8/14, 11:31 PM

    i like that..its just a subtle purple and not very bright purple. I love it! Join in a skincare giveaway on my blog :)


  2. I love your purple hair <3
    You're like Violet Parr from Disney's The Incredibles.

    x, shekinahjoy.com
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  3. Thank you so much! You are so sweet. I love the Incredibles. :)


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