June 11, 2014

June Challenge Day 11

Today I'm just cutting right to the chase. So here's the look!

I've had this idea for a while. Today I was finally daring enough to do it! I wanted to do something crazy with the eyeliner, so I settled on an X. I polished of the look with a berry lip stain. If you have a really nice liquid liner, you could even go for a heart. I wanted to compliment the makeup with an equally high fashion outfit. I put this on expecting to hate it, but I wanted to go for it. I ended up loving it! I was kindda surprised. I feel like I could actually wear this out somewhere if I was in a daring mood. I'm sure I'd turn a lot of heads since my hair is already a little odd (it being purple and all).

What do you guys think? Would you do something this daring?


  1. The "X" is such a cool look! I've never seen that before:)
    xo Olivia

  2. I've never seen the X look before, but have you tried the double fishtail look? I saw some other beauty gurus doing it in 2013 but haven't tried it yet <3
    Berry ♥ Stylish | Sierra Calah  

  3. Rad jumpsuit <3 Awesome patterns!

    - Anna


  4. I love the jumpsuit! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)



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