June 26, 2014

June Challenge Day 16 (I think...)

So I'm finally getting all the things done I said I would get done this summer. I'm studying for the Biology CLEP test. I'm practicing my classical music. I'm learning Italian (using Duolingo. You should check out the AMAZING app). I think I'm making progress on my splits finally. And I'm actually, for the most part, keeping up with my blog. I'm glad I'm finally figuring all this out.
Today I wanted to use my Flower palette since I've barely touched it since I got it. I warn you, it's sparkly! And in case you don't read what's after the photo, let me know if you want to see anything in particular by tomorrow! That will be your last chance so I have time to order something if necessary. So without further ado...

I combined the dark blue (looks black) with the light blue to get this color. I then used a gray eyeliner to finish off the look. I didn't want to use black because I felt it would be too harsh. This is a great way to use dark colors during the day. Put on a neutral outfit with fun flats for a complimentary look. What do you think?

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