June 25, 2014

June Challenge Blue and Silk

So ever since Lupita wore her amazing blue eye shadow, it's been all over the internet. I decided to take on the emerging blue trend myself. I didn't copy it EXACTLY because how boring is that? I've had blue eyeliner for a while, and it's really creamy and easy to use. Here ya go!

Please excuse my post shower frizz. I also was feeling a little more daring in the outfit department as well. I have on my red crop top and I got on board the silk pants trend. Some of you may know this as PJ's as pants. Don't worry. I didn't sleep in these last night. When I saw them in the store I didn't even think they were PJ's. While the blue isn't very strong in the photos it is very obvious in any lighting. Have fun recreating either my makeup look, outfit look, or both! Let me know if you do!


  1. You are so beautiful and I am in love with your eyes!! Adorable! <3

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    twitter, facebook and g+? Do visit my blogs and let me know in comments where you
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  2. Great picture!



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