June 9, 2014

June Challenge Day 9

So today I'm quickly getting together a post. I'll be doing that today through Friday since I will be running out the door in about an hour and a half. I am currently in my dance clothes and plan to start fixing some dinner as soon as I'm done with blogging things. I have no idea what I'll be fixing. I might have some of the leftover ribs from last night. And the peaches we got the other day need to be eaten. I also have to make a snack to take since I'm going to be at class for three and a half hours! I'm going to be dog tired lemme tell you! And I get off track...
Today I wanted to do something a little more intimidating than what I've been doing. I settled on a rose gold lip color. It's very shiny, almost like I have some luminizer on top, but I promise I don't. I also wanted an outfit that some people find more challenging to put together. So without further ado...

Good lord sometimes I hate how these pictures turn out. The lip color is much more rosy than frosted pink in real life. It's from Ulta, the store collection. I used to be addicted to this lip color. I would wear it every day with anything! When you keep the rest of the face neutral, it really pops. I also styled a crop top for y'all who are scared of the darn things. It's one of the pieces I've gotten recently. Pair it with something high waisted and you won't be baring too much skin, if any! A jacket like this also makes a crop top less intimidating. With a blazer, you could almost wear it to the office. You can also layer a crop top over a dress. The pants are sheer with shorts underneath, and silver kicks finish the look. So what do you think?


  1. hazel hae bo6/10/14, 4:22 AM

    Great lip color =)

  2. christinachan6/10/14, 9:55 PM

    Very cute xx



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