June 2, 2014

June Challenge Day 2

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Day 2 of the challenge and I'm not going anywhere, so this makeup will go with my lounging around outfit. It's mostly purples and pinks in the shirt (I got it in Athens yesterday!), but there's some pretty turquoise too. I'm going to let the turquoise dominate the color scheme because no one uses turquoise and I have a pretty eye shadow that matches perfectly! I just used BB cream (CoverGirl. It's kindda eh. But it's cheap drugstore.) today since I'm not really going anywhere. I then used e.l.f.'s mineral foundation as a powder since BB creams make me super shiny. I used the same blush as yesterday. I like deep rosy blushes and this one is my favorite. I also used the e.l.f. All Over Color Stick for a highlighter. I have it in Persimmon so I can use it as a highlighter blush when I want, but I plan on getting it in Spotlight for just a highlighter. I also filled in my eyebrows slightly with some eyeshadow. I then used a turquoise eye shadow around my eyes and winged it out. If you want something more subtle, you can skip winging it out. I put some gel eyeliner (Maybelline Eyestudio in black) inside my upper eyelashes. I finished off my eyes with a few swipes of mascara (essence I <3 and="" br="" extreme="" falsies="" flared="" maybelline="" waterproof="">

I'm really excited for this challenge to keep going. I just hope this isn't going to burn me out for the rest of the summer. Goodness knows I'll be busy in July. I'm taking a ballet intensive and most likely sewing 30 stretch velvet tops. My college is doing A Chorus Line in the fall and it's the only chance I'd ever have at being in the musical. I am so excited and so nervous about auditioning well. My sister's high school band can't order the same concert tops anymore, so they're making new ones for the freshman girls. Apparently I'm taking on that project, but the pattern looks simple so I can knock them out quickly. I will still try to give updates though.

Close up!

 Please excuse my messy room!


  1. Lovely<3


  2. Beautiful makeup look! Oh, quick random question. Did someone paint the picture on your wall or is it a stencil? The tree is so cute!
    ├čerry ♥ Stylish  

  3. Your room looks amazing, that tree on the wall is terrific, indeed:) You should make a special post about your room, I suggest:) Your make up is also nice, the lipstick tone is so rosy and appealing!
    Wish you a great day ahead!


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