April 12, 2013

Yard Sale!

We were having a yard sale this morning, and I was up way too early. Since it rained last night, I had to wear warm things. But when the sun came out, I could put down my hot chocolate (which I really did make), and warm up in the rocking chair! Though we didn't have many customers, there's always hope for tomorrow!
Look at all the things that didn't sell!
Yes, that is High School Musical. I haven't seen it in years. No surprise it didn't sell...

My mom is obsessed with teddy bears. These were just a few of the ones out there.

Some of my sister's old shoes. I would wear these front ones if they fit. They're so pretty!
We have ALL THE BEANIE BABIES! Not really, but it seemed like it.
I got bored waiting for my sister to help me with pictures today. Selfie! Typically, it's just me and the ol' tripod, but she wanted to help.

When my sister just got frustrating...
Arranging some of the clothes :)

I don't understand! My friends and I do this all the time. I don't watch the show personally, but some of them showed me the clip.
 Chambray Shirt: JCPenny, Gold ruffle top: JCPenny, Jeans: Marshall's, Shoes: Converse


  1. Cute photos doll!!


  2. love love your style!!
    youre the best, hope you follow back <3

    Sergio, xx

  3. Great photos!!
    I hope you have fun:)


    Greetings from Greece


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