December 29, 2014

Christmas in my House

I haven't really felt the need for a Christmas update because Christmas isn't over in my house yet. I will be back at school before it's officially over, but all the same I wanted to write about it.

My parents decided that they wanted to celebrate all 12 days of Christmas with myself and my sister. Yes, there are really 12 days of Christmas, just like the Christmas carol says. My family celebrates from Christmas day until Epiphany. (Epiphany is the 12th day of Christmas, representing when the Wise Men visited Jesus.)  We do this by opening gifts from Santa, stockings and big gifts, on Christmas day and getting one or more a day until we run out or get to Epiphany. I can't remember the last time my family made it all the way to Epiphany with gifts left to open though. Haha!

December 26, 2014

DIY Friday: Circle Scarf

Hey guys! With it getting a little cooler here and Georgia, I figured it was time to break out the scarves. This particular scarf I made as a gift for my cousin who lives in Chicago right now. It's pretty simple, even if you don't have a machine! You could hand sew this, but it would take much longer. With a machine, it will only take you about an hour!

 First, start with 5/8 of a yard of any fabric. For this scarf, I used 60" long fabric. I also made one with 45" fabric and I couldn't warp it around my neck twice. I suggest warm fabric like this heavy knit or fleece or the winter. Fold in half long ways (hotdog style) and pin. Make sure the wrong side (the side you don't want to show) is on the outside right now.

December 22, 2014

What Your Signature Piece Says About You

So I'm finally back and catching up on blogs. I'm gonna get started on on of my New Year's Resolutions early: consistently blog 3 days a week all of 2015, if not more. I've let this blog slip by the wayside again, not that I haven't had reason to, but I use that as an excuse to not get back into it. No more! No more excuses. I could do it before, and I will do it again. I just have to time manage better. It's one of my weaknesses. I have a plan though! But as the year is ending and you're thinking about what style resolutions you have, I leave you with this piece. Just by the way, digging through old pictures was fun, including the derp-y ones.

November 27, 2014


Hey guys. I know I keep promising that I'll catch up and keep posting. It's just not gonna happen until Christmas Break. That's soon though! I finish school on the 10th of December, moving out and everything. So in a couple of weeks I'll catch up and all that jazz. I'm going to try to do some of it for the rest of this break as well as finish some papers that are due for finals. I have a couple photos for you in the meantime.

I've been going through this pants phase and kind of grungy feel lately. I have no idea what brought it on, but I kindda like it.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram already saw this, but my girlfriend and I just celebrated our first year together. She gave me this, and while a little big, I love it :)

October 29, 2014

Pamper Day!

For the first time in a long time, I finally had a day off where I wasn't worrying about A Chorus Line. It was officially over and done and I could relax. Well, for the show, I had to tease my hair a good bit and hair spray the crap out of it so it would stay while I danced. For 7 shows plus 2 dress rehearsals. My hair was done. So I knew I needed to take a day to just take care of myself.

First we have my nails. I wanted something simple after not really doing my nails since I came to school and I couldn't paint them for the show.

October 14, 2014

Dress for the Rain

So today it's raining quite a lot. To the point where our power's gone out. I hope I finish this before my laptop starts dying. Today is not a day where I want to worry about the elements because of my exhaustion, but there are a few simple ways to make it better.
1. Simple is always better on these days. A graphic sweater and colored jeans are your best friend today. Even regular jeans or leggings. No one wants to deal with a flippy skirt when it's raining. Or wet bare legs.

October 9, 2014


A Chorus Line opens next week and it's midterms. That's kind of consuming my life. If you live in Georgia, you should go to the Lagrange College website and reserve your tickets. I'm a cut dancer, but it's an amazing show you should see anyways!

October 1, 2014

It's been a While...

I know. I know. It's been about 3 weeks since I posted. I promised myself I wouldn't do this, but I have. I assure you it's not on purpose. I have literally been so busy that my room still isn't completely unpacked and put away. I haven't done laundry in two weeks (I'm still wearing clean things. Don't worry). I'm edging into performance season and trying to cope with a full course load and rehearsals. I'm managing to stay at least a little sane, but my blog has fallen to the wayside. I had so many plans for this year, but I'm finding it hard to find time to take quality pictures that aren't on my phone. Forgive me if from now until next semester I'm doing quick phone posts unless I'm on break (which I start my first one tomorrow thank god). I'm gonna try and catch up with all of y'alls blogs over the next few weeks.
For those of you who say, "What about weekends?" I haven't had a free weekend since I started school. I've had auditions and work calls and had to go home and sew shirts. Do not get me started on the evils of stretch velvet. And Sundays I catch up on homework and have afternoon rehearsal. My first free weekend will be the weekend after NATS (a vocal competition) which is November 15th. Seriously.
I'm not saying all this to complain. I love being busy. It keeps me from getting lazy. And it makes me appreciate the time that I do have off. I'm just saying I haven't had a whole lot of time to be here and to appreciate all of your lovely blogs that I read. Or read *past tense*. Or will read. Promise to read. I promise I still have yet to have a lazy day with yoga pants and a t-shirt. And it is my goal to never have one of those.

And since I know you're dying to have an outfit, here ya go. The first of a series of crappy phone pictures. I felt like a modern Snow White since I had a red headband.

August 31, 2014

Thoughts on Gap Ads

So I know I've been absent for about a week. We had issues with the wifi in the dorms for a few days. Once that was fixed, I got sick! My sister gave me a small cold she had right before I moved in. Ugh. And once I was better, classes started. So as you can imagine, I've felt like I've been kind of stuck about what to do here. For those of you wondering, I did get cast in A Chorus Line. Unfortunately, my character is cut in the first number. Oh well. I think I'm more excited for A Midsummer Night's Dream in February. I'll let you know how that goes!

August 22, 2014

Moving in Issues

Due to WiFi issues in the dorms, I'm not able to really use my laptop. I promise next week will be full of exciting things and adventures. I have my audition tonight for A Chorus Line, so wish me luck!

August 20, 2014

Thoughts Before the School Year

I just wanted to share with you guys how I've been feeling about this school year. Since I move in tomorrow and I'm packing the car tonight, it's crazy close and I'm freaking out just a little bit. I have a lot of mixed feelings. Hopefully you guys can relate. Sound off in the comments about anything you worry about or anticipate!

1. I am an insane human being. I am taking 17 hours worth of classes, 18 if I pass my CLEP test because then I have to take the lab. On top of that, I will be preparing for my first vocal competition. If I'm not in A Chorus Line, for 2 weeks before the show, I will be helping to tech A Chorus Line. I have no idea what I'm going to do if I tech. Maybe lighting? Which I have absolutely no experience in. And I'll be doing work study for the first time. And that's going to be crazy adding that into my schedule. I really am crazy.

August 18, 2014

Drama Club Cute

I continue with my back to school inspiration. These ideas are from the Keds Style Trial Challenge that you can enter too!
Drama Club Cute

August 17, 2014

Comment of the Week #6

Quick post before it hits midnight here. I don't really want to explain the craziness that was/was supposed to be this weekend. Just know that it's been some nice family time and cancelled plans (at the last minute) that made me want to just be a ball of nothing for a day. Basically why you haven't seen me anywhere since Friday.
So I have two features this week! Amber is getting featured again because she is absolutely amazeballs :)

"This is such a chic and sophisticated look (: I love it! The blue pants add such a nice pop of color. On my first day back to school, I like to keep it really low key and not too "out there." That's what the second day is for (; I'll actually have a post up soon about what I'd wear on the first day! As for my most daring time I wore a Lazy Oaf body suit covered cartoon arms paired with a black and white polka dot skirt. Kinda crazy, but I did get a lot of compliments!"

August 13, 2014

Gym Class Glam

So I'm about a week away from moving in, and I'm starting to think about my first week looks. These Keds challenges are really getting me thinking about different ways to dress. I always find Polyvore a great way to experiment within your price range.

Gym Class Glam

August 11, 2014

Color Guard Inspiration

Well I finally have my laptop back! I can officially get off the shared computer and back to being able to go anywhere and still work.
I briefly mentioned last week about the Keds Style Trial and Teen Vogue. I would be putting something together for you today but the weather has been really crappy today and doesn't want to let me take pretty pictures. So I have the next best thing!

Color Guard Inspiration

August 10, 2014

Comment of the Week #5

Hey guys! It's that time of the week. Update on life right fast. I realized I'm moving back to school in a week and half! Crazy, right? I started packing this weekend and thought, "How on earth am I gonna get all this stuff in one trip?!" I mean, it's technically two since I'm coming back in a week and a half. But still! I'm going to get my girlfriend from Kansas on Saturday. You might get to see her more this year :)

August 9, 2014

Nail Day Friday (on Saturday) #4

You don't even want to know the mess I got into attempting to make my own nail decals. Good lord. So I gave up late last night and went at them again today when I had a spare moment. I will just leave you with that.

August 7, 2014

Denim Vest for a Quirky Girl

It's been kindda crazy this week trying to figure out a new schedule and my sister started school. I'm going to try to post next week some outfits based on the Teen Vogue Back to School contest. Lately, I've been loving denim vests, so I made a couple of Polyvore sets with one. I thought this was a sweet, yet edgy look with one.

August 3, 2014

Comment of the Week #4

Hey guys! It's that day of the week again! Today has been so crazy. I'm finally starting on those velvet tops for the concert band and I made my girlfriend a stuffed animal. Then we went out to dinner and I just walked in the door 10 minutes ago! 
This week, I have to start sorting through stuff to take back to school and what I'm going to take when. Since I have two weeks between move-in and Labor Day weekend, I make two big trips instead of one ginormous one. Those of you who answered my survey said you would like to see food posts next year since I will have a kitchen, so I plan to try to do that at least once a month. I will definitely tell you guys as soon as I find out if my dance classes this summer paid off. I should know by the Monday after I move in if I'm in A Chorus Line!

August 1, 2014

July 31, 2014

That DIY T-Shirt Rug

I just wanted to update y'all today. Try to keep with my normal 3 posts a week. You guys are apparently really excited about this t-shirt rug I worked on. I'm gonna tell you before you start this, this is a very labor intense project. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I spent most of Sunday and Monday afternoon just cutting and braiding fabric. Then I spent about 2-3 hours yesterday just sewing it. If you work on it an hour or 2 a day, it would take about a week or two. So just know that up front. I linked to the tutorial I used in Sunday's post. If you follow me on Instagram, you at least know what the rug looks like, but you probably have no clue how big it is. I used 12 shirts (I think) and it is monstrous. It's just over 2.5 feet wide when you lay it out completely flat.
Also, I would really appreciate you filling out the survey at the bottoms guys. If you just answer the multiple choice questions, it takes less than 2 minutes. I'm really trying to get some feedback about what I can do to make my blog better.
Oh! I almost forgot. I'll get my computer back a week from tomorrow. Such good news! Well, as long as they can fix whatever is wrong with it.

 As you can see, monstrous.

July 29, 2014

Sparkles and a Survey

So the past couple of days have been kind of crazy. I've been catching up on blogs from the weekend and working on that DIY I was telling you guys about. I'll post the finished product...whenever that will be. On to tell you why I've been absent from life online the past couple days. My dad tried to install an update on my laptop, and long story short, it didn't update correctly. It will turn on but won't bring up the log in screen. It'll be fixed before school starts, but it may be a couple weeks. Thankfully I can use one of the home computers to keep y'all updated.
Below I have a short survey about my blog. I'm looking to make some improvements and get some feedback so I know what I need to prioritize when the school year starts. Don't worry if you're new. Only the multiple answer questions are required and there's less than 10 total questions!
Today I wanted to push my sartorial choices. Hopefully you agree that I succeeded in pushing my boundaries! I apologize in advance for photo quality. There isn't photo editing software on this computer.

July 27, 2014

Comment of the Week #3

I'm so sorry for the late post! I've been working on this very time consuming DIY bath mat. Good lord I have been braiding fabric from old t-shirts for about 8 hours today. In case y'all are wondering, here's the link to the DIY.
On to the reason for this post. Y'all need to step up your game because Olivia is writing me essays in the comments. I really appreciate it Olivia. And for that I am linking to your blog. But, for a little while, I want to feature different people who come to my blog. And since you were featured the first week, I have to give a shout out to another commenter too!

July 25, 2014

Nail Day Friday #2

So I definitely did my nails last week but I didn't have time to post before dance and then it chipped the next day. Cheap nail polish. What are you gonna do? This week I drew some inspiration from College Fashion.

July 22, 2014

Quick Question

So I've been thinking about starting an Etsy store for a while, but I don't know that I would have much support right away for it to be worth it. I make clothes right now, and have some thrift store finds that I don't wear much. I also now know how to make lipstick that I could also sell in custom shades.

July 21, 2014

DIY: Make Your Own Lipstick!

So I basically didn't do anything last Thursday afternoon except this because my sister found a recipe for making your own lipstick and was asking me to help her with it. So we spent about 2 hours making (between the two of us) about 10 different lip shades. Maybe a couple more. But it is the simplest thing. You know what's going into it. And you can create a custom shade for yourself!

Look at all my custom colors just for me! Left to right is Violet, Black, a red and blue mix (it made a 1.5 batch), Cerulean, a purple/pink/blue maybe? mix, and green with a little black.

July 20, 2014

Comment of the Week #2

True to my word, I will be making this a weekly thing. First, I wanted to Share Olivia's reaction from last week because she is so sweet and cute.

"Oh Mariah! I am honestly tearing up by this post! Thank you so much for the acknowledgment and your sweet sweet words. I literally just ran up to my mom in the other room to tell her that you featured me on your blog, I was so happy. (Still am!) I think it is great to get reader engagement and the best way to do it is through commenting. It makes your connections with other bloggers more meaningful when you read their posts and then write something thoughtful. But thank you again... this means so much to me"

July 16, 2014

Style Like U

So with starting to keep up with my blog more, I realized I had started to forget why I was blogging in the first place. I felt like I was falling in line with other bloggers (which isn't a bad thing unless you're trying to stand out). I realized I've been so heavily influenced by them since I started blogging that I had forgotten where I started.
The first person who really inspired me with her style was Zoe from Girl with the Flower. She has this "I wear what I want" attitude about her style and she just does her. She's been featured in Teen Vogue and has a collaboration with Candies (not the Khol's brand) because she wears what she loves. She's part of the reason I started my blog. A year and a half later, I realized I've gotten caught up in "being a blogger" and forgotten that I have my own voice.

July 15, 2014

Quick Celebration

So I said in my last post I'd been gaining some of my following back and OHMIGOD YOU GUYS! I have not had more than 50 views in a day in months. At least not since I went to college. And today you guys gave me 65! 65 freaking page views in one day! For someone who doesn't have that many total followers, this is HUGE! Thank you thank you thank you! I cannot say thank you enough. This is a good start to really getting my blog off the ground. I feel really good about this you guys :)

July 14, 2014

Giveaway Possibilities

So I'm nearing a few landmarks on my blog. This won't count towards my first 100 posts, but I'm getting really close to that point. I'm also between 5k and 10k lifetime page views. And I'm starting to gain my small following back on Bloglovin' and I'm close to 50 followers on Instagram. I don't quite know which to celebrate since there's so much that's going on. I've also been with this blog for about a year and a half now. I have a couple of options in mind for a giveaway. I'm sorry, but this will have to be for US residents only. Shipping costs and all that. Keep in mind that I am a college student and the total will probably be $50 and under.

July 13, 2014

Comment of the Week #1

Surprise! I wanted to start this today. Every week I want to feature my favorite comment and, if you have a blog, the commenter's blog! I actually personally follow the commenter from this week. Congrats to Olivia!

"Wow I can't believe you made these! Congrats!! I've been into sewing lately and have made some dress sets and a few dresses/ skirts. Being a petite girl, making my own clothes really helps me get clothes that fit. And being made myself, I can make them exactly how I want them to look! Keep on sewing girl:)"

July 11, 2014

Nail Day Friday #1

I think I need to have some kind of weekly post to keep me on track. I always say I want to do my nails once a week. They're always pretty chipped by then. I can never make myself do it though. I finally made myself paint my nails and try something new. This is the first time I've used a striper.

e.l.f. Mistly Haze, Sally Hansen striper Blue

The gray didn't come out quite like I wanted it to, but in the end I'm happy with it. I only have to live with it for a week right? What nail art styles do you want to try?

July 9, 2014

July Haul 2

Hey guys. So I've been taking the day off for the most part, but I definitely knew I needed to post. I'm trying to be slightly more consistent than I have been. My goal is posting at least three times a week. Those three days may vary depending on my schedule since I guarantee I will have an insane one come fall. If y'all have a trend you want me to talk about or something I might find interesting, let me know below!

Vintage Haul!

July 8, 2014

July Haul 1

This week I will be catching up on all the stuff I've gotten since I stopped blogging. Currently, I have some makeup, a couple trips to the thrift store, and a few things I've made to show all of you. I'm hoping to only do that this week. Below are a skirt and pair of pants I made.

July 3, 2014

July 4th Inspiration

July 4th Inspiration

Loose white tee

Blue top

Mango flared skirt
$34 -

Star shorts

Converse green sneaker
$50 -

Keds canvas sneaker

Sling shoes

Evening handbag

Star jewelry
$64 -

River Island felt crown
$47 -

July 2, 2014

Do's and Don't's of Vintage Shopping

I consider myself a bit of a vintage/thrifting fan. I love being able to find diamonds in the rough for steals. The thing is, it's taken me a couple of years of going through this myself to get the knowledge I have about it. I've spent hours on the internet looking at tips for customizing my finds, fitting them to me, or fixing minor problems. I love just wandering through the isles of thrift stores looking for that perfect find. I want to be in there for hours, but usually I can't be. But I digress. Here are some of my big tips.

July 1, 2014

Starting Again

So now that my June Challenge is done and I still have about two months of summer left, I'm a little lost in terms of what do do with the blog. I'm looking back at popular posts, literally Google-ing "fashion blog post ideas". I am just out of touch. I started out loving this blog and I missed it when I didn't blog and I would feel disappointed when I didn't keep up with it. But when I try to blog every day or set a schedule for when to blog, it feels forced. This feels like it needs to be something organic that comes from me. Isn't that how any blogger should feel? And besides, I'm going to be super busy in the fall, especially if I get cast in A Chorus Line. Even if I don't, getting cast in any show along with taking 15+ hours is a lot for anyone. I'm still figuring out how my hours are going to work out.

June 30, 2014

June Challenge Last Day

For the last day, I wanted to go all out. I have a full face: foundation, contour, blush, highlighter, the works. I even bothered with gel eyeliner. I usually don't even bother with most of this for school, let alone for the blog. Maybe I'll do it more now that I have a handle on how all this works.

June 27, 2014

June Challenge Barely There

Today I wanted to use as few products as possible. When you travel, you have to travel light, especially if you're packing everything into a carry on! I pictured all the products and brushes I used. Mascara can double as a gel liner if you have an angle brush handy! A triple use highlighting blush is a must for eyes, lips, and cheeks. All you need that's left is your foundation. Super light packing :)

June 26, 2014

June Challenge Day 16 (I think...)

So I'm finally getting all the things done I said I would get done this summer. I'm studying for the Biology CLEP test. I'm practicing my classical music. I'm learning Italian (using Duolingo. You should check out the AMAZING app). I think I'm making progress on my splits finally. And I'm actually, for the most part, keeping up with my blog. I'm glad I'm finally figuring all this out.
Today I wanted to use my Flower palette since I've barely touched it since I got it. I warn you, it's sparkly! And in case you don't read what's after the photo, let me know if you want to see anything in particular by tomorrow! That will be your last chance so I have time to order something if necessary. So without further ado...

June 25, 2014

June Challenge Blue and Silk

So ever since Lupita wore her amazing blue eye shadow, it's been all over the internet. I decided to take on the emerging blue trend myself. I didn't copy it EXACTLY because how boring is that? I've had blue eyeliner for a while, and it's really creamy and easy to use. Here ya go!

June 24, 2014

June Challenge Monochrome

Update, so I went to the library today. I got Behind the Beautiful Forevers as it is the nerdfighter book club book. Admittedly I am waaaaaay behind on that. I also got linger since I'd read shiver and really liked it. I had just never gotten around to reading the rest of the trilogy. Also got a couple of AP books to study for the CLEP test I'm taking right after I move back in. Fun stuff going on over here.
Today I was really crushing on purple and it was just everywhere. As you can see...

June 23, 2014

June Challenge Day I Have No Clue

So as you have noticed, I have successfully avoided posting for about a week and a half. Why? Well my beautiful girlfriend came to visit me! She surprised me after dance class last Friday and it was lovely getting to spend a week with her. Honestly, I needed a couple of days to recover. We went to the movies a couple times and out to eat and visited mutual friends. It was amazing getting to see her again after a month apart. But now we have two months until school starts again...
Anyways. I have had a couple lazy days to recover from the whirlwind that is Autumn. In honor of that, I picked a lazy day look and outfit. Natural eyes (glasses included) without eyeliner. BB cream. I filled in my eyebrows to define my face and a little highlighter. Lip balm for my lips. Some concealer for the dark circles under my eyes and that's it.

June 12, 2014

June Challenge Day 12

This is another post and dash. I have to put away clean clothes before eating and dashing out the door. If you have any ideas for what I should do next don't be afraid to suggest!

June 11, 2014

June 10, 2014

June Challenge Day 10

So dance yesterday was difficult. I was fully realizing how little experience I have and that I am not flexible whatsoever. You don't feel great about yourself when kids half your age are easily falling into splits and you can barely get to 6 inches off the floor. And this concludes my pity party and you will not have to hear any more of it.

June 9, 2014

June Challenge Day 9

So today I'm quickly getting together a post. I'll be doing that today through Friday since I will be running out the door in about an hour and a half. I am currently in my dance clothes and plan to start fixing some dinner as soon as I'm done with blogging things. I have no idea what I'll be fixing. I might have some of the leftover ribs from last night. And the peaches we got the other day need to be eaten. I also have to make a snack to take since I'm going to be at class for three and a half hours! I'm going to be dog tired lemme tell you! And I get off track...
Today I wanted to do something a little more intimidating than what I've been doing. I settled on a rose gold lip color. It's very shiny, almost like I have some luminizer on top, but I promise I don't. I also wanted an outfit that some people find more challenging to put together. So without further ado...

June 8, 2014

June Challenge Day 8

Today was a pretty easy day. I've done a good bit of shopping lately so I will definitely be doing a haul post at the end of the month. Just a heads up. I'm also starting dance next week as I said yesterday, so I'll be trying to get posts up earlier. Today's beauty dare involves my hair:

Before and After:

 Purple hair! I have been wanting to go purple for ages and now that I'm not in a show for a while, I can! I would prefer to go a lighter purple, but I don't care for bleach. This is how the Vidal Sassoon in Deep Velvet Violet turned out. Black in normal, inside light and a deep purple in the sun.

June 7, 2014

June Challenge Day 6 and 7

Now I'm caught up! Thank goodness. Last night we went out for National Doughnut Day which I did not expect and then my girlfriend wanted to video chat as soon as I got home. By the time we got off Skype, it was 11:30 and I was dog tired.
I start my first dance class next week. It's a contemporary intensive. I will be dancing Monday through Friday from 6-9:30. Thankfully it's just for a week. I also have another for all of July that's Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6-9. I'm really excited and nervous because they're intensives for company members even though other people can participate. Hopefully this will really help with A Chorus Line though. Now that you know my life, I get onto what you really want.

 Try darker shadow for day, pictured here a dark green. Keep everything else light. Camo dress! I used brown eyeliner to keep the look from being too harsh but still give my eyes some definition.

June 6, 2014

June Challenge Day 3, 4, 5

So this week was unexpectedly busy. Writing blog posts takes a lot more time than uploading to Instagram, so I've been keeping up there. I promise I'll try to be better about this. For those of you who have asked about my room, I can do that, but it's gonna be a while because it's currently a disaster since moving back home from college. And yes, there is a giant mural on one of my walls with a huge tree. I think you're seeing one of the small trees in the pictures though.

Day 3
In real life my lips were bright pink. I used Maybelline Color Whispers in Mad for Magenta. Pair it with another bright color in your clothing to be bold.

June 2, 2014

June Challenge Day 2

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Day 2 of the challenge and I'm not going anywhere, so this makeup will go with my lounging around outfit. It's mostly purples and pinks in the shirt (I got it in Athens yesterday!), but there's some pretty turquoise too. I'm going to let the turquoise dominate the color scheme because no one uses turquoise and I have a pretty eye shadow that matches perfectly! I just used BB cream (CoverGirl. It's kindda eh. But it's cheap drugstore.) today since I'm not really going anywhere. I then used e.l.f.'s mineral foundation as a powder since BB creams make me super shiny. I used the same blush as yesterday. I like deep rosy blushes and this one is my favorite. I also used the e.l.f. All Over Color Stick for a highlighter. I have it in Persimmon so I can use it as a highlighter blush when I want, but I plan on getting it in Spotlight for just a highlighter. I also filled in my eyebrows slightly with some eyeshadow. I then used a turquoise eye shadow around my eyes and winged it out. If you want something more subtle, you can skip winging it out. I put some gel eyeliner (Maybelline Eyestudio in black) inside my upper eyelashes. I finished off my eyes with a few swipes of mascara (essence I <3 and="" br="" extreme="" falsies="" flared="" maybelline="" waterproof="">

June Challenge Day 1

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*This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I was having technical difficulties with my phone. There will be a second post for today.*

I know I've been absent for a while again. I don't know what this love-hate relationship is with my blog, but I get tired out every so often.I just need to leave it alone for a few months before coming back to it anew. The whole rebranding fiasco contributed to that this time. Everything is just as it was before. I'm figuring out Bloglovin', but I'm pretty sure everything is how it's supposed to be now. Anyways, as a kick off to my return, I've decided to take on a challenge.

April 1, 2014

Excuse the Redundance, but Re-branding Again

Because Bloglovin' is being stupid right now, I have to post this again so people will look at the new post about re-branding. I will delete this post as soon as new people move over. I have added the new name to Bloglovin', so all you have to do is click on my profile and the other name should pop up. When people have moved over, I will change the website name to

March 31, 2014


So as you can now see, I have just rebranded everything. As this is kind of a hassle for some people, I will be posting it everywhere, so people will know. I realized my name was kind of long, and it wasn't that easy to remember. It made my websites hard to remember. I picked something more basic and easier to remember. Unfortunately, I will not be able to change my current blog email, and I think keeping up with three different emails right now is enough. You can still contact me at the same email ( Everywhere else, I should be moved over. I also felt like the name fit more when I started the blog, but not so much now. I'm at a different place in my life, and I felt like this one will definitely describe my style better. I will change the website name to as soon as Bloglovin' posts this and I can get the message everywhere.

March 20, 2014

Soxxy Air and Sponsored Posts

*This is a sponsored post.* All my opinions expressed here are my own.

Soxxy is a brand that sells non-slip socks. They do this by lining the top of the socks by alternating raised X's and O's to give them some grip. They sell ankle, knee-high, and thigh-high sicks as well as leggings and compression socks. For those of you who don't know, compression socks are those socks that doctors will give you to wear after you have surgery to prevent clots and swelling, and promote circulation. I love that their ankle socks come in fun and funky patters. They're also mostly cotton which I look for since cotton is a sustainable fabric. My personal favorite pair is Alexa. Not only are they a cool zebra pattern, but they've got two pops of color. You guys know how I love color. Right now, their knee-high and thigh-high socks are in mostly neutral colors. Shop here online! When you shop, use the code SoxxyAirs for 20% off!

What I really love though, are their compression socks. They're not just for people who have just had surgery. They're good for general swelling and long flights to keep soreness down. They're compression socks are knee-high, and all of them feature a cute design at the top and come in different colors. Each of these designs means something different though. When you buy a pair of compression socks from Soxxy, part of the proceeds goes towards a charity, and each design represents a different charity. Right now, Soxxy is trying to get the compression socks idea off the ground, and they're using indiegogo to do it. You can click here to donate $25 to their campaign. With that, you get a pair of compression socks and $8 goes to charity! If you still want to know a little more before shelling out, you can watch this video for more information about what they're doing. The socks will be shipped out at the end of April. They have 30 days to raise $15,000!

Don't forget! When you shop on their regular website, use the code SoxxyAirs for 20% off!
I figure at this point, it's best for me to make a separate page detailing how my sponsored posts are going to work. From now on though, I will put an asterisk somewhere in the title and make sure I tell you guys this is a sponsored post before the sponsored content.