September 30, 2013

Trying Tights and Shorts

So I haven't posted in two weeks. I'm sorry. I really am. But it's been nice seeing all the new comments. Watching my blog grow recently has been really exciting. I've gained some new followers via Bloglovin' (link in the sidebar) and Blogger. I've been trying to branch out creatively and it seems to be turning out well. Lately, I've been inspired by Annissa, who makes me want to be more outrageous and daring with my choices and own it. So on that note...
I decided to try something that I have never tried before: tights under shorts. I've always appreciated the look, but never though it was for me. But my mom brought my tights when she visited yesterday, and I decided to try something new. Of course, her being my mom, she had bought 8 pairs of tights the day before because I told her a couple of my current ones have holes. Oh mother.... (On a side note, I have thus far refused to show her my blog out of awkwardness.) So onto my outfit!
Side note: My first post in glasses. There's a reason, but I shall not go into it.

 Happy fun times!

September 16, 2013

Living the College Life

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand college. That should explain my two week hiatus. College.
I moved in a couple weeks ago, and I met these two girls down the hall. I learned the ultimate way to bond: belting out Disney songs while sitting around in their pillow filled inflatable pool! But then classes started and the craziness started. I finally finished my first two papers and now I feel like I need to blog. I've felt bad about abandoning this, but I needed the adjustment time. I will take you on a picture tour of my (half of the) room later this week. I promise.
My roommate is super sweet and also dresses well (and is my size!!). Our room is probably gonna be kindda messy, but it's honestly to be expected...
Onto the outfits though. I've caused quite the stir around campus. My RA jokingly hates on my outfits. One time I walk by her and she says, "Mariah. Why don't your shoes match your sunglasses?" I don't know that it quite translates without her tone of voice. I've worn my sheer pants, wedge sneaks, and sequin jacket, all have caused a great deal of buzz. Today, a friend of mine sees me and says, "Well hello Miss New York."