January 16, 2015

DIY Friday: Petroleum Jelly Wonders

Most of you probably know that petroleum jelly (commonly known as Vaseline, but that's a brand) can be used to make lip gloss if you mix in broken eye shadow or Kool-Aid. But what else can it be used for? I've compiled a list for you guys to check out over the weekend!

1. Highlighter. Lightly apply on your cheek bones and anywhere else you would normally highlight for a natural glow!

2. Removing makeup and restoring lashes. Did you know that applying mascara can actually cause your eyelashes to be more brittle and more likely to break or fall out? If nothing else motivates you to go makeup free for a day and take off your makeup at night, I don't know what will! Applying petroleum jelly to your eyelashes at night can help remove makeup and make them grow.

3. Moisturizer. You may know this one, but it's a great moisturizer. Just glide it over your lips, hands, or feet and you're good to go!

4. Brow gel. Spending $$$ on brow gel? No more! Smooth unruly eyebrows with a little petroleum jelly.

5. Manicures. Are you like me and struggle to keep nail polish off your hands when you paint your nails? Putting a little of the jelly around your fingers before you paint makes for easy cleanup afterwards!

6. Smooth flyaways and split ends. If you don't like the purposely messy hair like I do, smooth flyaways with a light touch of petroleum jelly. Apply to the ends of your hair to seal split ends.

7. Hair dye. Applying a little jelly around your hairline before dying your hair prevents you from staining your skin. Perfect for making sure you get all the baby hairs at the hair line.

8. Make perfume last. If you find your perfume fading by the end of the day, prep your skin with a little petroleum jelly to make it last!

9. Stain remover. Remember how it takes makeup off your face? Well it takes it out of clothes too! Just rub the piece of clothing gently with a wet wash cloth and a little jelly.

10. Mascara/primer. Looking for a low cost option? Fill an old mascara tube with petroleum jelly for a clear option. Combine with eye shadow to make a regular mascara. (You may want to liquefy it in the microwave for an easy pour into a tube.) Pro tip: Usually it's the wand that gets you the look, not the formula. Filling an old tube that has your favorite brush will most likely get a very similar result.

11. Shoe polish. Are any of your leather or patent shoes looking scuffed? Take a q-tip and rub a little jelly on there and poof! Gone! Also helps restore purses of the same material. Though it will be a little slick at first.

12. DIY Exfoliating Scrub. Combine some petroleum jelly with sugar for your lips. Combine with sea salt for a body scrub. This is great to do before you self tan to get an even application.

13. Wear whatever earrings you like! Coat the earring posts in petroleum jelly and never get an ear infection again. This also helps with getting stubborn earrings to slide right through the hole.

14. Make matte lipstick glossy. Mix a little jelly into a matte lipstick to give it a nice shine.

15. Bye bye blisters. Do you have shoes that always give you blisters? Rubbing some petroleum jelly where you get blisters will prevent you from getting them again.

16. Remove a stubborn ring. Take a q-tip and some jelly and rub it around the ring for easy removal.

17. Nail polish bottles. If your bottles are prone to getting stuck, rub some petroleum jelly around them and they won't get stuck anymore.

18. Face primer. According to Hub Pages, it will reduce the look of pores and help foundation go on smoother. I've seen that it will and won't clog pores on different sites, so you can try this one for yourself and see.

19. Easy smokey eye. Line your eyes then dip a q-tip in jelly and smear for an effortless smokey look.

20. Prevent razor burn. After shaving, rub on your legs and underarms or wherever you may get razor burn to prevent it.

21. DIY cream eye shadow. Combine with powder shadow to get an intense cream shadow. Prime your lids with foundation and powder to prevent creasing though.

Now this is not an all inclusive list which is why I included the sources below. You can also find uses for petroleum jelly yourself just by searching it or "Vaseline" on Pinterest. After looking into this, I wonder why people don't just have a giant tub of the stuff at home and make real use out of it. It could save a ton of money.



  1. Woah! I didn't know there were so many uses for it. And that it made eyelashes grow!

    Corinne x

  2. wow so many uses for this product, I think everyone has vaseline so this list is very helpful


  3. Thats cool... I didn't know all that! Makes me want to make some Kool aid lip gloss though... lol.

  4. Anna Martin1/20/15, 4:59 PM

    Shoe polish! I'll have to try that one :D Good list!

    - Anna



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