August 31, 2014

Thoughts on Gap Ads

So I know I've been absent for about a week. We had issues with the wifi in the dorms for a few days. Once that was fixed, I got sick! My sister gave me a small cold she had right before I moved in. Ugh. And once I was better, classes started. So as you can imagine, I've felt like I've been kind of stuck about what to do here. For those of you wondering, I did get cast in A Chorus Line. Unfortunately, my character is cut in the first number. Oh well. I think I'm more excited for A Midsummer Night's Dream in February. I'll let you know how that goes!

So why I'm posting today. I've been getting my copies of the September issues in the mail. I, as a good blogger, want to sit down and read through them as soon as they come in. While I was flipping through, I noticed this ad.

It looked pretty fancy for a Gap ad, but then I noticed the tag line in the corner. "Dress normal." This got me thinking. My personal style tends to be the exact opposite of normal. I try to dress provocatively. Not in a sexual way but to get provoke thought about what I'm wearing and how it reflects my creativity. In a way, I think this ad was meant to provoke bloggers and fashion people. I mean, it was in Vogue. I make a bit of an assumption about who reads Vogue, but I think it's a safe assumption. I turn the page, and there's a second ad like this.

I recognize the actress from Smash. Please tell me some of you watched Smash. I died inside because of this show because musical theatre major here! This was my show. I was so sad to see it cancelled. I digress. All these people are obviously stylish, but I think Gap's point here is taking a jab a peacocking. Bloggers all know the struggle between dressing like yourself, but still being unique in a huge crowd of bloggers online. You want to seem like a blogger, but still be authentic.

I want to know what you guys think of these ads in terms of being a blogger and a customer. Do you take it as a small stab at peacocking?


  1. I'm having a hard time figuring these ads out. In my first semester of college, I took an English composition course that spent a good amount of time dissecting advertisements, and I got pretty good at it, but I cannot figure these out!

  2. So sorry to hear that you have been sick! No one likes to have a cold! Glad to hear your wifi is up and running now! IThese ads are really interesting. I guess they are trying to be different than most magazine ads but I would say I dress nothing like the average person does! LOL! I loved Smash too and am sad to see it go!


  3. Islami Jihadiyah9/4/14, 11:07 PM

    So sorry about your cold!
    This ads is interesting. Dress normal, what is normal anyway? It could be normal for me, but not for anyone else. Dress as normal as we normally does, perhaps?



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