August 20, 2014

Thoughts Before the School Year

I just wanted to share with you guys how I've been feeling about this school year. Since I move in tomorrow and I'm packing the car tonight, it's crazy close and I'm freaking out just a little bit. I have a lot of mixed feelings. Hopefully you guys can relate. Sound off in the comments about anything you worry about or anticipate!

1. I am an insane human being. I am taking 17 hours worth of classes, 18 if I pass my CLEP test because then I have to take the lab. On top of that, I will be preparing for my first vocal competition. If I'm not in A Chorus Line, for 2 weeks before the show, I will be helping to tech A Chorus Line. I have no idea what I'm going to do if I tech. Maybe lighting? Which I have absolutely no experience in. And I'll be doing work study for the first time. And that's going to be crazy adding that into my schedule. I really am crazy.

2. I get to see my girlfriend again!! For those of you who are new, you probably don't know that I have a girlfriend. You haven't seen her recently mostly because she's been in Kansas for the vast majority of the summer. I swear it has been like torture being away from her for so long. She did surprise me with a visit in June, but I haven't seen her since. We have Skyped every night. We do talk. It's just not the same. We'll actually be rooming together this year. We basically have already roomed together since we lived on the same hall, but this may be slightly different. I will keep you updated :)

3. I'm a little worried about this mysterious 4th roommate. If you are unaware of the roommate fiasco, lemme just tell you. It took Autumn (my girlfriend) and I a bajillion years to figure out our perfect roommate situation. What we had worked really well for all of us and we were all really looking forward to it. Then, without telling us, one of the roommates dropped out of school. This means that the school places someone, usually a transfer, in the vacant room. Our 4th roommate has the exact same email address as another student, so I have basically no way of getting in contact with her. I don't like this idea of not knowing my roommate at all before school. Wouldn't you be worried?

4. I look forward to honing my skills. I'm a musical theatre major. While it sounds like a lot of fun, and it is, it's also a lot of work. For those that don't believe me, people drop this major because it's so much work that they didn't expect. My acting skills are on the weak side, and Acting II is going to really help with that. I'm also delving deeper into classical vocal training and entering my first vocal competition. I also may get to do my first classical show in the spring. We're doing A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Misanthrope. Both are really fantastic classical plays. If I'm in A Chorus Line, my dance skills will definitely improve, but I am also taking Dance for Musical Theatre. It's going to be crazy and awesome.

5. I'll be cooking on my own. I'm moving into an apartment style dorm this year, so I'll have a kitchen. This is both an excitement and a worry. I haven't cooked much on my own, and definitely not on a really tight budget. This will be a challenge, but a challenge I'm looking forward to. Over the summer, I've learned how to make bread. And oh my goodness it's good. I've learned how to make some of the basics for meals and how to spice it up. Literally! I'll be fixing a lot of food on Sundays to heat up during the week. At least that's the plan right now!

6. Japanese!!!... Another exciting and worrying thing. I'm taking my language this year. For whatever reason, my small (tiny) school offers Japanese, Chinese, and Korean as languages. For a long time, I've wanted to learn Japanese. Probably since I got into manga in middle school. It's another crazy and exciting challenge to take on a foreign language that uses a character system. I also hear that my school is planning a JanTerm trip to Japan! Not this year, but before I graduate. I'm really looking forward to that!

7. Money makes the world go 'round. Like I said above, I'll be doing work study. I'll also be paying for more of my own groceries. And I'll be paying for competitions. Yes, there is an entry fee. I'm basically learning the true meaning of a tight budget. I have a strong feeling that there's going to be a lot of slightly upscale ramen in my future (aka, half the flavor packet and a little bit of real chicken/vegetables). People think my major is less expensive because we don't spend as much on books, but supplies will kill you. Leotards, dance shoes, character shoes, makeup, dance tights, makeup brushes (the expensive kind because you want them to last), and various hair supplies. You can add the expensive art supplies to that if you're taking any kind of design class. $$$$$$$

In short: Lots of worries, some excitement, in need of amazing time management skills. Are you guys excited/worried about anything in the coming year?


  1. Wow looks like you'll be insanely busy this year!! I'm pretty sure you'll still rock it tho ;) good luck!! :)

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  2. Lauren Blair .8/20/14, 9:13 PM

    Good luck with the new school year and congrats on moving in with your gf!

  3. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one stressing about the upcoming school year (even though I do feel for you, misery loves company!) I just bought my books yesterday, and they cost a whopping $700. And on top of that, I'm taking four science classes this year and that is kind of crazy. I really just love to torture myself I suppose, haha.


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