August 10, 2014

Comment of the Week #5

Hey guys! It's that time of the week. Update on life right fast. I realized I'm moving back to school in a week and half! Crazy, right? I started packing this weekend and thought, "How on earth am I gonna get all this stuff in one trip?!" I mean, it's technically two since I'm coming back in a week and a half. But still! I'm going to get my girlfriend from Kansas on Saturday. You might get to see her more this year :)

Moving on. I finally have new blood this week! As creepy as that sounds, I got a bunch of new commenters this week. It's so nice to be getting more interaction. This week's comment of the week goes to Marisa! She commented on last week's nail post. (Just so you know, comments made in the past week, no matter how old the post, are up for the feature.)

"Mint scented polish?!! Yes, please. I may want to smell my nails all day as well, hehe. Loving the purple and golden yellow together. I wouldn't have thought of this combo, but it's lovely. Manicures only last a day for me since I play mandolin and it chips off instantly. So sad b/c I got a cupcake manicure the other week and it was gone in an instant practically."

Thank you so much Marisa! I'm a new follower of her blog, but I can already tell that she has an awesome sense of style and a great collection of unique pieces. She lets her personality shine through her writing, and I love that.

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