August 11, 2014

Color Guard Inspiration

Well I finally have my laptop back! I can officially get off the shared computer and back to being able to go anywhere and still work.
I briefly mentioned last week about the Keds Style Trial and Teen Vogue. I would be putting something together for you today but the weather has been really crappy today and doesn't want to let me take pretty pictures. So I have the next best thing!

Color Guard Inspiration

Color Guard Inspiration by bowenmariah featuring a keyhole shirt

Having been in band for all of one year and my sister being in marching band, I know that sequins are a must when it comes to this style. I have seen pants and skirts as bottoms for color guard, so I went with pants. I wanted to include flags somewhere, so I have a little charm bracelet. And lastly, there must be a backpack for school.
If you want to enter, post your look to Instagram using the hashtags #kedsstyletrial and #week2contestentry.

What's your favorite back to school look? What's the most daring look you've worn to school?


  1. that jacket is amazing! adding that to my closet.

    Xo, Megan,

  2. such a cute back to school look! the sequin jacket is definitely daring <3

  3. This look is amazing, I agree! It's so bold and incredibly chic...definitely something I would have never thought to pair together, but is perfect. It's been ages since my first day of school, but I believe one of my boldest looks included a pair of wide legged suspender pants and cherry red shoes :-)

  4. super spunky look it's really playful! I love it!


  5. Super great outfit for the first day of school! Out of curiosity, does your title reference the activity of "Color Guard"? If so, do you know what that is? I think it might have something to do with gun throwing or that might be winter guard. We had both in my school but I never knew what it was...
    xo Olivia

  6. I am a fellow bando! I love the color guard inspiration! Looks perfect for the first day of school.


    Miss Anna Rebecka

  7. This is such a chic and sophisticated look (: I love it! The blue pants add such a nice pop of color. On my first day back to school, I like to keep it really low key and not too "out there." That's what the second day is for (; I'll actually have a post up soon about what I'd wear on the first day! As for my most daring time I wore a Lazy Oaf body suit covered cartoon arms paired with a black and white polka dot skirt. Kinda crazy, but I did get a lot of compliments!

  8. Ahhh my baby brother is starting his senior year in high school tomorrow so I'm definitely feeling that excitement/dread in the air today haha. And this is such a fun outfit- I think that vest completely made it. It looks SO good against the cobalt blue of the pants. What's the color guard though? Is that a band thing? Just curious :)

    xo marlen
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