January 2, 2015

DIY Friday: Tulle Skirt

After all the holidays, I was wanting a little wardrobe update. I've seen all these bloggers with tulle skirts and it's left me lusting for one. I found this tutorial for making one, and it's not that difficult. It takes a few hours of cutting out fabric and some minimal sewing skills but it makes for a fun Saturday afternoon project!

tulle skirt
Image courtesy of www.cottonandcurls.com 

Tip 1: If you have some excess fabric or can buy cheap muslin, I suggest making a pattern to cut out the tulle based on the instructions given.
Tip 2: If you can get tulle to cut on the fold, get it. Tulle is not easy to sew. If you can't, I've seen tips that say to put tissue paper underneath when you sew it together.
Tip 3: Make sure to stretch the elastic as you sew it on. Otherwise the thread is likely to break when you try to stretch it.

Sorry for the late post today guys. I moved back to school today and it took a lot longer than expected. I will have a post of how to wear this tulle skirt next week :)

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  1. Anna Martin1/7/15, 1:57 AM

    I would like to try this someday when I have the proper equipment!

    - Anna



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