January 27, 2014

Waiting too Long

So I must have a major issue with taking a couple month hiatus once I get busy. I didn't even have all that much to do over winter break or Jan Term and I still didn't post. Oh well, all there is t do is pick it up again and figure out when I can post.
And I have some news. I got a smartphone for Christmas. This means several things. One: Instagram. Two: Blogging on the go! Well....when I can get the app to not crash when I try to add pictures. Three: Organizing all my blogging stuff in one place. You guys can follow me on Instagram under the same name. Hopefully I'll get to posting a little more than I have so far.

All the holidays I've missed! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year! That gets me thinking, new year, new blog. I want to expand my horizons with this blog. I don't want to just do OOTD posts anymore. I want inspiration boards and hair and makeup and nails and more. Who knows? Once I move into the apartments, I may start doing food posts. I want to come back to a blog that will inspire me, not feel like a chore. It's started to feel like a chore, and I don't like it. It may be why I've been taking hiatuses. Nothing to do now but learn from it.
I want to know what you think. Are there things you want to see on the blog? Are there things you don't want to see? Is there something you feel is missing from other blogs that I could do?

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