January 29, 2014

Revlon Nail Review

One thing I wanted to start doing with this blog is product reviews for new nail/hair/makeup stuff I get. For Christmas, my lovely sister gave me the Revlon Moon Candy Nail Duo in Orbit. I'd been seeing the Revlon nail duos in my local Walgreens for ages, but I couldn't justify spending the money at the time seeing as how much nail polish I now have in my possession (Christmas didn't help that fact).

Anyways, the nail polish is a deep purple, my favorite color, so that's definitely a plus for me. One coat was plenty opaque and it dried really quickly. As in my left hand was dry by the time I finished my right hand fast. Then came the Moon Candy topcoat. Good lord I hated this part. First off, to get any effect, you have to glop the stuff on. I ended up using half the bottle on one manicure. It took forever to dry. And I mean forever. I swear the stuff wasn't dry for two hours. I can be patient, but not two hours patient. Like most drugstore polishes I've tried, it started chipping after a couple days. I have to say though, I'm pretty rough on my hands. The day I did my nails, I had a Christmas family gathering with small children who wanted to play. Then I was packing for two trips back to back. With all this, my nails were up against some pretty tall odds that they would chip.
The effect was pretty cool in the end. I liked it, and I'll probably finish the bottle. But in saying that, I definitely will not be buying it myself. It might be worth the $6.50 for the regular polish. I didn't get to see how it would fair on it's own without the topcoat. Would I recommend it? If you're patient and don't care if your manicure is a little chipped. If you want to try it for yourself, you can get it at any drugstore or Target.

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