November 7, 2013


So it's show week. I'm currently on a laptop running low on battery. I've been running around so much this week. At least the show is freaking amazing! It's been great watching the cast come offstage and freaking out.
I was getting bored of the old layout of my blog. To clarify, that isn't my closet. It's a stock photo from blogger. You would  see more sparkles if it was mine. And like I could make a college closet look like that. I may eventually customize the picture though.
This is the post where I take some of the shots you don't see and post them. Those embarrassing in between shots where I'm laughing or making a silly face. I hope you enjoy my awkwardness :) (Please excuse my lack of time to edit. And I seriously hope this isn't the first post the College Fashion people read.)

I was getting into a position that didn't quite work. Yeah... 

Well Autumn interrupted again... 

Do you know how hard it is to do a motion shot?! Really hard! 


  1. Cute skirt!! It's so cool you're a musical theatre major, I'm still in high school but theatre is something I'd consider doing in college as well! I'm a new follower, if you're interested you may follow me as well- in the meantime I look forward to reading more!

  2. lovely blog :)

  3. Cute and cool pics.
    The kind I like to see.

    Love your floral skirt too.

  4. I love silly shots.:D I kind of miss my own, because when you're taking pictures yourself with a tripod, there's no point in being silly, you just wanna be done.:) The one where you're getting into a position is priceless, like you're trying to rob somebody's house and you just got caught or something.:D

  5. Hello! I really love your outfit and I've to follow you because I think you're a really amazing IT GIRL!*.*
    I also have a blog and I was thinking about following each other... What do you think?
    Kisses from Spain, hope you follow me at:

    P.S: My firts post is only in spanish, but don't hesitate, I'll write soon in english(and french) too!


  6. gorgeous outfit.

  7. Hi sweetie, I've just popped by to say hi!;) I hope everything is going great these days for you and I hope that the lack of posts means that you're extra busy being extra successful!

  8. Cute outfits!

    Ray | Obey Ray


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