August 21, 2013

Speaking as a Model Part 2

The swelling has finished going down for the most part, but I wanted to wait a full week. I've gotten caught up in resting and packing to leave on Saturday that I've forgotten about the blog. Sorry! I'll try to get on it. I got the photos from my shoot outside, so I thought I'd share them with y'all.

My mom says I look like my grandmother in this last outfit. Well...I don't know what to say about that. Almost all these clothes are from vintage stores. The second hat is from the French Quarter in New Orleans when I went there for an audition.
I had a lot of fun doing this. It's like blogging, but more intense. With more money generally involved. So I want to know, would any of you try modeling?


  1. I love the second picture (the barn has a rainbow effect going on in the background!) In the blue dress, you give off a very regal/Sansa Stark-vibe. The makeup and photography are flawless!


  2. I love how the pictures turned out especially the first set. You look gorgeous.


  3. Hi dear :) The photos you choose for your last post are so beautiful!!
    Need to say that your blog is a good inspiration :)
    Come to see my new post, ill delighted to know your opinion :)


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