August 16, 2013

Money is Power

So I'm getting my wisdom teeth out today. Which probably means I'm sleeping right now. I'm writing this in advance while it's fresh in my mind.

For those of you who haven't heard about Overdressed, it might change your life. It really opened my eyes. The book isn't just about the sweatshops overseas, though that is included. It's about every aspect of the garment making industry, from beginning to finish to second-hand life. I'm trying to avoid a rant about how fast fashion is killing the planet. Just to give you an idea though, the average American buys 68 garments and 7 pairs of shoes a year. And all those old clothes you donate? Most of them end up in 3rd world countries or landfills. That's just a start.

I really suggest reading the book because it showed me that my cheap fashion mindset is wrong. You can't pay the person who made your $10 shirt decent wages at that price. Where I spend my money has power to change the industry which is why I picked the post title I did. I can't say that I can completely give it up as a cash strapped college student. But I do want to give up new clothing for a while. I have plenty, and I'm getting rid of a good bit before I leave for college. I'm telling myself, no new clothes (including "new to me" or thrifted clothing) for at least this semester. Exception: clothes I'm required to get for jobs or gifts. (I don't want to be rude on the gifts end.) I'm going to ask you guys to hold me to that. I'm going to get really tempted at times, I already know.

Here's the website for the book. I highly suggest checking your local library for it. It's a pretty easy read.

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