March 20, 2014

Soxxy Air and Sponsored Posts

*This is a sponsored post.* All my opinions expressed here are my own.

Soxxy is a brand that sells non-slip socks. They do this by lining the top of the socks by alternating raised X's and O's to give them some grip. They sell ankle, knee-high, and thigh-high sicks as well as leggings and compression socks. For those of you who don't know, compression socks are those socks that doctors will give you to wear after you have surgery to prevent clots and swelling, and promote circulation. I love that their ankle socks come in fun and funky patters. They're also mostly cotton which I look for since cotton is a sustainable fabric. My personal favorite pair is Alexa. Not only are they a cool zebra pattern, but they've got two pops of color. You guys know how I love color. Right now, their knee-high and thigh-high socks are in mostly neutral colors. Shop here online! When you shop, use the code SoxxyAirs for 20% off!

What I really love though, are their compression socks. They're not just for people who have just had surgery. They're good for general swelling and long flights to keep soreness down. They're compression socks are knee-high, and all of them feature a cute design at the top and come in different colors. Each of these designs means something different though. When you buy a pair of compression socks from Soxxy, part of the proceeds goes towards a charity, and each design represents a different charity. Right now, Soxxy is trying to get the compression socks idea off the ground, and they're using indiegogo to do it. You can click here to donate $25 to their campaign. With that, you get a pair of compression socks and $8 goes to charity! If you still want to know a little more before shelling out, you can watch this video for more information about what they're doing. The socks will be shipped out at the end of April. They have 30 days to raise $15,000!

Don't forget! When you shop on their regular website, use the code SoxxyAirs for 20% off!
I figure at this point, it's best for me to make a separate page detailing how my sponsored posts are going to work. From now on though, I will put an asterisk somewhere in the title and make sure I tell you guys this is a sponsored post before the sponsored content.

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