March 31, 2014


So as you can now see, I have just rebranded everything. As this is kind of a hassle for some people, I will be posting it everywhere, so people will know. I realized my name was kind of long, and it wasn't that easy to remember. It made my websites hard to remember. I picked something more basic and easier to remember. Unfortunately, I will not be able to change my current blog email, and I think keeping up with three different emails right now is enough. You can still contact me at the same email ( Everywhere else, I should be moved over. I also felt like the name fit more when I started the blog, but not so much now. I'm at a different place in my life, and I felt like this one will definitely describe my style better. I will change the website name to as soon as Bloglovin' posts this and I can get the message everywhere.

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