February 18, 2014

On Another Blogger

So I'm reviving my blog and I'm catching up on blogs I follow since I've been MIA the past couple months and I come across Peet. Now we've been following each other for I don't know how long. Close to when I started my blog about to a year ago. The magical thing about the internet is that it connects people from all around the world. I live in the Southeastern United States and she lives in Slovenia. I'm a freshman in college, and she's more than a couple years older than me (Not that she's old! No! She's still in her twenties. Just older than me).

So what does any of this have to do with anything? Well, in real life, we would have never met. And even if we did, we probably wouldn't have even said hi to one another. We have such different styles and personalities. But through the magic of blogging, well.....we have some kind of relationship. I don't know if I can call it friendship. I mean we're friends on Google+ but no one likes or really consciously uses Google+. It automatically updates when we blog and stuff but who really checks that thing? Okay, rant over. But this relationship feels more than an acquaintance. Maybe it's because we can peek into each other's lives when we blog. Maybe it's because we've exchanged a couple emails. Maybe it's because we have semi-conversations in each other's comments.

But this is the gray area of blogging for me. We're supposed to connect with other people. Not just from our country, but around the world. We're developing some kind of writer/reader connection with our readers, but what about fellow bloggers? What kind of relationship is that? And it's driving me berserk trying to figure it out. Because it's a new kind of relation ship. One that's exclusively online and, because we're in different countries halfway across the world from each other, probably won't cross into real life. So what is this relationship? Why is it driving me crazy just to figure it out? Should it matter? My human brain must define! Must define! Haha! Just kidding. But let me know what you think about the sort of friendship with other bloggers.

And you guys should seriously check out her blog. She has me in stitches with every post. I love her style and her humor, and anyone can relate to her.

UPDATES: So with my new schedule, I can still post 3 times a week, but the days will have to move. I will post on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. If y'all want me to do OOTD posts from Polyvore or my Instagram on Mondays and Fridays, let me know below! Also, I've decided since most of my closet consists of vintage, thrifted, or years old clothes, I will not be posting where they are from. When I get new stuff, I'll tell you where I got it, but I haven't been getting a lot of new things for a while. It's been mostly makeup and nail polish if I've gotten something new.

Since I didn't do a post for Valentine's day, I wanted to do a little something. This crazy lady and I have been dating for 3 months now. I love her to bits and pieces, and everyone has been totally accepting, including my parents. We do the craziest stuff sometimes, and she is beyond sweet. She makes me incredibly happy. I don't know what I'd do without her!

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  1. I really like the headpiece.



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