October 8, 2013

Going Monochrome

So I'm a day late. Sorry. I've been stressing about a lot of different things.
To start with, I have my first professional audition this weekend. I'll be auditioning with students and professionals, but mostly professionals. We'll be auditioning 30 at a time, all watching each other. None of the people who are going from my school are in my group which I was really counting on. I'm really starting to stress out, but I'm feeling positive about the experience.
It finally started getting cooler yesterday around campus. It's finally October! I felt like being casual and wearing blue, so I decided to go all out.

 My first black and white photo. I think it turned out quite well actually.

 This was the second to last photo. 238/239. My friend likes to go kindda crazy with the photos.

Shirt: JCPenny
Jeans: Khol's
Shoes: UrbanOG
Headband: Claire's
Earrings: Gift
Necklace: H&M
Belt: Gift
Rings: JCPenny and bought at ThesCon
Watch: Gift

I don't know why these turned out fuzzy. I'll try to fix it for next time.


  1. Don't stress out too much, babe! Apparently you're doing great over there and I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. Either way you look at it, take it as a learning experience. I know it's easier said than done, so I'm gonna shut up about it now.:) The black and white photo's really cool, it looks kind of vintage, which is always a plus!


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