September 16, 2013

Living the College Life

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand college. That should explain my two week hiatus. College.
I moved in a couple weeks ago, and I met these two girls down the hall. I learned the ultimate way to bond: belting out Disney songs while sitting around in their pillow filled inflatable pool! But then classes started and the craziness started. I finally finished my first two papers and now I feel like I need to blog. I've felt bad about abandoning this, but I needed the adjustment time. I will take you on a picture tour of my (half of the) room later this week. I promise.
My roommate is super sweet and also dresses well (and is my size!!). Our room is probably gonna be kindda messy, but it's honestly to be expected...
Onto the outfits though. I've caused quite the stir around campus. My RA jokingly hates on my outfits. One time I walk by her and she says, "Mariah. Why don't your shoes match your sunglasses?" I don't know that it quite translates without her tone of voice. I've worn my sheer pants, wedge sneaks, and sequin jacket, all have caused a great deal of buzz. Today, a friend of mine sees me and says, "Well hello Miss New York."

 This is some of my favorite nail art that I've done in a while. Some of it turned out kindda messy, especially since I'm not ambidextrous. I've gotten several compliments on it though. Hopefully it'll last!

This picture was too cute to pass up.

Just so you friend who took these pictures is making me include this one. Because apparently my face is just so hilarious. If one of you can get a meme out of it, I seriously commend you.

Shirt: Chico's (on consignment)
Skirt: JCPenny
Earrings: JCPenny
Sunglasses: Rene Rene (a boutique in Little Five Points)
Necklace: New York&Co.
Belt: JCPenny
Watch: Gift
Rings (left to right): JCPenny, bought at ThesCon, and Thrifted


  1. Yayy college! It will be a great experience. I love your outfit with the blue accents especially the shoes.


  2. Glad you're back! Great photos as always and cheers to the cute dressing roomate to swap clothes with! :)

  3. cute outfit!!! love the blue denim and skater skirt look!!!

    The Petite Blogger

  4. "Why don't your sunglasses match your shoes?":D I usually hate how I look when my bag matches my shoes or belt, it's just too matchy matchy for me, something has to be unexpected to be interesting. Right??:) You look adorable, babe, I really like your necklace. And your manicure too, I'd lose all my nerves if I tried to do something like that.:D

  5. Love love the bold belt with this skirt! You look very chic and lovely, babe!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  6. Really do appreciate your time for reading my entire post! I do as well need an opinion from my fellow blogger to, but no worries that does not apply to you at all! I love reading your story :D waiting for an absolutely gorgeous outfit post from you

  7. great styling dear,check out our blog if you like we can follow each other on gfc and bloglovin. let us know. kisses from KENYA

  8. Guauu love the nails! Visit mi blog

    Thanks! See u soon

  9. I have the same blog style as you! Cool!


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